Today was a miserably fun CBC at Roxburough Canyon State Park.  Miserable because the whole day was spent out in freezing wind, fun because we saw many neat birds and had a very awesome and fun group to bird with! We had seven people in our group, including our awesome last-minute-group-leader Leanne(sorry if I spelled that wrong!) and also some fairly new to birding members! Hope this count encouraged them all to pursue this awesome hobb  In all, we saw 23 species, including Northern Shrike, Prairie Falcon, Golden Eagle and Bald Eagle(2).  I was able to do a lot of photography with Black-capped Chickadees at the park's nature center.  This is a location I would love to get back to in the summer.
The CBC on Dec. 17 was a blast! Our group leader was Lynn Wilcoxson.  Our group totaled six people, including my dad and myself.  Our Count area included Deer Creek Canyon Park, South Valley Park, the Denver Botanic Gardens at Chatfield and Shield M Ranch, which made for a fun area to bird.  We tallied 29 different species on the count, including Golden Eagle at Deer Creek Canyon Park, a Pine Siskin at feeders near South Valley Park, a Cackling Goose at the Botanic Gardens and all three Colorado nuthatches.  The birding was pretty slow throughout the day, but was still fun.  
After the count, on our way home, my dad and I stopped by the lake in the Candelas area(just west of Stanley Lake and northwest of the Indiana St. and Hwy. 72 intersection.).  We were very happy we did.  We found two Tundra Swans(rare in Colorado) on the lake, along with a multitude of other waterfowl including a late season Double Crested Cormorant, Bufflehead, Ruddy Duck, Lesser Scaup, Common Goldeneye, Gadwall, Redhead and American Wigeon.  At the end of the day, my dad and I had compiled a day list of 42 species, which is a decent accomplishment in Colorado in this season.  
Keep watching the blog and site as I will have pics posted soon and I am starting to work on a COBirdingVid to get uploaded to YouTube as the first video for Bird Spy Films.  I will post a link when it's up=)
Happy birding everyone and hope you all are getting out there and having fun with the Christmas Bird Counts!
Saw a possible Merlin on my way to work yesterday, didn't see it well enough for a positive ID though.  Can't wait for this weekend! Heading down to the Chatfield/Deer Creek Canyon area for a Christmas Bird Count! I'm super stoked.  Check out the blog on Sunday to see my write up of the fun.  
Weather is warming up! Take advantage and get out and bird!
Tis the Christmas season and guess what that means! Christmas Bird Counts!! I can't wait. My dad and I are signed up for two in  our area.  We will be heading to Chatfield State Park on Dec. 17 and Roxburough Canyon State Park on the 31st.  
Be sure to check with local birding societies in your area and get out and participate in this awesome event! You won't be disappointed!
I have participated on two over the last three years, birding throughout the  Lakewood area including Bear Creak Greenbelt and other areas two years ago, and birding Valmont Reservoir three years ago. 
Went up to Wyoming for two days last week for a funeral.  Birding was good for it being winter and not a birding oriented trip.  Saw just over 20 species, including Sandhill Crane(life bird for me. Flock of about 100), Golden Eagle, Bald Eagle, Ferruginous Hawk, and an unknown falcon species.  Over the course of the trip we totaled about 15 different Golden Eagles and 3 Bald Eagles.